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All our AKC Dachshund puppies for sale, have begun newspaper training, can sit and come and have practiced wearing a collar! And we offer a 2-Year Health Guarantee and Personal Support 365 days a year!

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AKC  Inspected November  

1, 2018
NC Licensed Breeder: 
 License Number   Tx 852_52 


Just wanted to give you an update and let you see how big she has gotten. She is the 4th Dachshund we have had. The other three lived at least 15 years. Two of them were sisters. Hopefully, Indy will have a long and healthy life as well.
Thank you for such a wonderful puppy.

Tom and Joan

linda mccartney

On April 3, I adopted the Dachshund   and you shipped him to me in Texas. I just wanted to update you that Buzz is doing great and is a wonderful dog. He is friendly and loves all people and all dogs he meets. The junior high kids at the bus stop on the corner of our block adopted him as their mascot and love to see him every morning that school is in session.

Cyril Nkeng

I don’t know if you remember me …. My wife  bought a Dachshund   from you 2 years ago . We changed it to Daphne and just wanted you to know that today is her 12th birthday and she’s doing great! She’s still the ” princess” of the house. We have two Labs that weigh approx 90lbs each and she RULES the roost! They move out of her way!! Thank you guys

victor garberl

Our Dachshund puppies are from champion backgrounds. With their adorable sweet personalities, their intelligence, and great disposition, they are non-shedding, and will fit right in with the family. We take pride in placing our puppies in households that will provide a healthy, loving, nurturing environment for our pups. Each year before their birthday we send a birthday card, and do a follow-up to ensure the well being of the dachshund  Standards. We believe owning this breed comes with priorities and responsibilities. We are able to accept those responsibilities and balance them with unconditional love and dedication. Now you must decide if you are to be a proud owner of this exceptional breed the Dachshund.

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